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Formation of Regular Domain Structures in Quenched Ferroelectrics Under the Influence of an External High-frequency Electric Field

[ Vol. 9 , Issue. 3 ]


L.I. Stefanovich, O.Y. Mazur* and V.V. Sobolev   Pages 344 - 352 ( 9 )


Introduction: Within the framework of the phenomenological theory of phase transitions of the second kind of Ginzburg-Landau, the kinetics of ordering of a rapidly quenched highly nonequilibrium domain structure is considered using the lithium tantalate and lithium niobate crystals as an example.

Experimental: Using the statistical approach, evolution equations describing the formation of the domain structure under the influence of a high-frequency alternating electric field in the form of a standing wave were obtained. Numerical analysis has shown the possibility of forming thermodynamically stable mono- and polydomain structures. It turned out that the process of relaxation of the system to the state of thermodynamic equilibrium can proceed directly or with the formation of intermediate quasi-stationary polydomain asymmetric phases.

Results: It is shown that the formation of Regular Domain Structures (RDS) is of a threshold character and occurs under the influence of an alternating electric field with an amplitude less than the critical value, whose value depends on the field frequency. The conditions for the formation of RDSs with a micrometer spatial scale were determined.

Conclusion: As shown by numerical studies, the RDSs obtained retain their stability, i.e. do not disappear even after turning off the external electric field. Qualitative analysis using lithium niobate crystals as an example has shown the possibility of RDSs formation in high-frequency fields with small amplitude under resonance conditions.


Ferroelectric, order parameter, regular domain structure (RDS), high-frequency electric field, quenching system, evolution curves, polydomain structure.


Institute of Physics for Mining Processes of the NAS of Ukraine, Dnipro 49005, Institute of Physics for Mining Processes of the NAS of Ukraine, Dnipro 49005, State Higher Educational Institution National Mining University, Dnipro

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