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Fabrication and Applications of Tailored Carbon Capsules

[ Vol. 6 , Issue. 1 ]


Joonwon Bae   Pages 66 - 79 ( 14 )


Recently, diverse carbon materials with elegant structures such as fullerene, nanotube, and graphene have been realized and thus tailoring those elaborate structures has become a challenging research task. In addition, various emerging carbon materials have been demonstrated such as capsules, tubes, and vesicles. Among these candidates, carbon capsules are particularly interesting owing to their interesting characteristics such as relatively high surface area, structural stability, chemical inertness, mechanical durability, and potential applications. They can be incorporated to the energy storage/conversion, electronic and magnetic devices, biocompatible components, nanocomposite, and environment friendly systems. In addition, they have acted as reaction media and sacrificial scaffolds to generate intriguing micro and nanostructures. Therefore, herein, it is worthwhile to summarize the previous research works on fabrication and applications of carbon capsules (micro and nano). It is expected that this article can provide essential information for future research activities.


Carbon, carbon nanostructure, capsule, energy storage/conversion, nanocarbon.


Department of Applied Chemistry, Dongduk Women's University, Seoul, Republic of Korea 136-714.

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