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Solvothermal Preparation of Graphene Supported Mn Ferrites and its Photocatalytic Activity

[ Vol. 3 , Issue. 1 ]


C. Santhosh, Ann Miriam James, Malathy. T, M. Saranya, R. Ramachandran, S. Felix, Mudaliar Vanchinathan. T, V. Velmurugan and Andrews Nirmala Grace   Pages 120 - 126 ( 7 )


Magnetic MnFe2O4 with functionalized graphene (MnFe2O4-G) was prepared by solvothermal treatment of inorganic salts with graphene oxide as a starting material. The as- prepared product was then characterized by using X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) and Field Emission Scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM). FE-SEM observations show that manganous ferrite nanoparticles with sizes of 10-40 nm were well dispersed on graphene sheets. The obtained hybrid was further tested for its photocatalytic activity against malachite green (MG) dye degradation. Results show that the photocatalytic activity of as- prepared product (MnFe2O4-G) has about 67% of dye degradation. This research would provide a new easy separating platform for wastewater decontamination. The combination of the superior adsorption of graphene and the magnetic properties of MnFe2O4 nanoparticles can be used as a good adsorbent and separation tool to deal with water pollution.


MnFe2O4, Graphene, Malachite Green, photocatalysis.


Centre for Nanotechnology Research, VIT University, Vellore - 632 014, Tamil Nadu, India.

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