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Safer and Flexible Lithium Ion Batteries: Dream or Reality?

[ Vol. 3 , Issue. 1 ]


M. G. Buonomenna and J. Bae   Pages 36 - 44 ( 9 )


Lithium ion batteries are the key components of the portable, entertainment, computing and telecommunication equipment required by today’s information-rich and mobile society. Highly flexible batteries would free product designers from the constraints of rigid and predetermined forms. In addition, powerful and light-weight batteries made from inherently safe materials could facilitate quickly advance development of electric vehicles and other transportation applications. In this mini-review, some advances on flexible and light-weight batteries are reported and discussed.


Lithium ion batteries, Polymers, Polymer membranes, Polymer gel electrolytes, Nanostructured polymer electrolytes, Conductive polymers.


Ordine dei Chimici della Campania, Via A. Tari, 22 80138 Napoli, Italy.

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